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  1. treasureman

    Lovely specimens. Is there much abundance of gold in tas or is it dwindling? Love the website. Very professional

    1. TasProspector

      Hi treasureman,
      The goldfields are not as extensive down here, and the old-timers got a lot, as they did almost everywhere else, but I’ve had no trouble finding gold since January with my SDC. Historically large nuggets have come out of Tassie, but my biggest so far was 3 grams in Easter.

  2. Karen Holm

    hi amazin wonderful finds of gold.we just getting a metal detector and trying up Branxholm Gladstone way but not sure where to go yet
    any ideas or help please

    1. TasProspector

      Thanks Karen,
      I’ve only found fine gold in Branxholm (panning), and I haven’t had a chance to detect in Gladstone. I’ve had best success in Lefroy, Back Creek and Mangana.

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