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  1. joshua

    Hi how are you mate? was wondering if theres was any half decent spots near hobart say an hour or two out? I’ve gotten a gpx 5000 and am keen to do a bit of prospecting with my younger sister, thanks mate any information would be great

    1. TasProspector

      Hi Joshua,

      I can’t really recommend any of the known gold localities in the south. The four main ones are Adamsfield, Cygnet, Weld River and the far south. Adamsfield is tricky to get a permit for. Cygnet is mostly in private property. The far south occurrences wern’t ever very rich and most of the rivers are in the WHA these days, and I’ve never had any success in the Weld.

      It’s really worth driving out to the west coast or the north east. Permissions have been easier to get for me out west.

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