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  1. Chris Vonderborch

    Where is the best locality for sapphire sieving, please. I had my first try in the creek where Frome Rd crosses, near Derby. I found 3 very small blues…but my small hand spade would not dig deep enough, I assume.

    So…was I in a good location, or maybe there are better places in the area??

    1. TasProspector

      You were right in the good area, by the sound of it. Sapphires are heavy and they tend to drop to the lowest place they can find, so you usually have to dig deeper. It usually pays to go around with a sieve and prospect a bit around the place, looking in spots where you can dig right down to bedrock. Also good can be the nooks and crannies behind rock bars and big boulders.
      Use the black spinel as a guide, because it weighs the same as sapphires and they usually accumulate together. If you’re getting plenty of it in your sieve, you have a better chance of finding sapphires. If there’s no black spinel large enough to get caught in your sieve, then look around for another spot where it’s accumulating.
      Have you seen the post on sapphires?
      Good luck!


  2. Christie

    Im planning a trip to the weld river for some sapphire prospecting, but I live a fair way away so I was planning on staying the night. Are there any camping places nearby? I’ve never been to that area before so am not sure where to look.
    Also I was curious if it is normally quite busy around the weld/frome road in november for prospectors?

    1. TasProspector

      Hi Christie,

      There is a campsite on the Frome Road, just past the Weld River towards the Frome Dam. However, if you don’t mind coughing up $6 for camping, the Weldborough pub has a large, nice campsites, toilets and showers, cold beer and meals.

      1. Christie

        Thankyou! I really appreciate that.
        I love your site as well, am getting into propecting just recently and it has been a great help.

        1. TasProspector

          Hi Shawn,

          The Weldborough Pub is under new management, I have no idea what they plan to do about pricing. That said, I paid $10 per night at the end of October for a basic, unpowered tent site.

  3. Rick Miles

    hello there,I am a total new comer to looking for sapphires!

    With all the pressure that the weld has gotten in the past, and even more since it was on tv ,can you recomend any other sapphire rivers in Tassie?
    ps thank for this website!

    1. TasProspector

      Hi Rick,

      Many of the creeks and rivers in the area carry sapphires: The Ringarooma, Black Creek, Cascade River, Main Creek, Frome River, Wyniford River, and even some draining the eastern side into the George River Catchment.
      The Weld is probably the place where they’re easiest to find.


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