18. No fires are to be lit. What?

A.K.A. pointless prospecting rule of the week. This is one that has had me stumped for a while. Condition number 18 of the “Conditions Relating to Prospecting Licences” says: This condition has been discussed at PMAT meetings, and I am aware that PMAT has sent correspondence to the Director of Mines specifically addressing this issue…. Continue reading

Fossicking vs. Prospecting – What is the difference?

Many people, sometimes myself included, use the words ‘fossicking’ and ‘prospecting’ to mean the same, such as to go out and collect some rocks, or minerals, or gold, generally as a hobby. The question is: do they really mean the same thing? In short: NO. If you want to know a bit more about it, and what it means for you, read on.

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