Noteworthy areas under ERA in September 2017

Tasmanian prospectors have to ask for permission from any and all tenement holders that have an interest in the area they want to prospect in. Both I and PMAT, as well as others, have asked Mineral Resources Tasmania to change this and bring us more in line with Victoria, though there’s been no action yet…. Continue reading

The Ring River Goldfield

The Rosebery – Zeehan – Dundas area is renowned mainly for its silver-lead, zinc and tin deposits. However, some decent finds of gold were also made. The main gold workings in this part of the west coast were in the Ring River area and Melba Flats. Both of these produced some sizeable nuggets in their day. The Ring River goldfield was home to one of Tasmania’s gold rushes, in 1891.

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The Mathinna goldfield

The Mathinna goldfield started, like many others, with the discovery of alluvial gold, this time in Black Horse Gully. The area contains one of Tasmania’s largest gold mines, the New Golden Gate, which had a total (historical) production of over 260,000 ounces (~8 tons) of gold. The whole area is riddled with mines, prospects and old workings, and is fairly easy access with light bush.

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